how to remove pimple marks from face

how to remove pimple marks from face



If you are looking for dependable, home-made remedies and treatment procedures on how to remove pimple marks fast, you are in the right place. First, pimples result from the accumulation of sweat, sebum, and sweat in the sweat pores in your skin. When bacteria attack the pores, infections follow leading to the formation of pimples. Ordinarily, acne heal after a couple of days but the mark it leaves behind persists a little bit longer. Removing pimple marks, particularly those on your face, fast enough will go a long way in helping you keep your skin spotless. Remedies to remove pimple marks


1. Using Lemon Juice


Lemon is widely known for its powerful skin lightening properties. It treats and makes your skin youthful thanks to a chemical called hydroxyl acid (AHA), a common ingredient in many acne scars removing creams. Make sure you use only fresh lemon juice as opposed to fruits that are packed. To use lemon juice, proceed as follows;

• Squeeze fresh lemons to obtain the juice

• Dip a clean cotton swap in the juice and dab it over pimple marks

• Leave it to dry

• Rinse your skin with cool water

• Repeat the procedure after every two days, and you will successfully lighten dark pimples marks fast

Note that while lemon juice reliably fades pimples marks, it has a drying effect on your skin. As such you should moisturize the affected part generously using a gentle moisturizer.


2. Using papaya


Papaya contains a catalyst called Papain that removes pimple marks; the catalyst, principally, removes dead skin cells as well as any extra oil layer from your skin. It also has remarkable natural cleaning properties making it extremely helpful for eradicating the pimple marks. Below is a procedure of how to use this excellent acne scar lightening remedy;

• Rinse your face using clean water before patting it dry

Mash papaya thoroughly to obtain a consistent gel that you can easily apply to your skin.

• Apply it on your scars and allow it about 20 minutes before washing it off

Use a moisturizer accordingly to hydrate the section of the skin.

Repeat this procedure twice every day for a week to realize positive results.


3. Garlic


Garlic works both as an antiviral and antifungal treatment. It is, therefore, a noteworthy home-made remedy for acne marks from your skin. Here is a step-to-step guide on how to use garlic as a home remedy for acne scars; you can also use it to teach your loved ones how to remove pimple marks.

• Grind about five cloves to extract garlic juice

• Apply the juice on the marks with the aid of a dabbing cotton ball

• Allow the sauce about 30 minutes to dry

• Rinse off the mark using clean water

Do not leave the garlic to stay for far too long because it can burn your skin. While using this remedy, you may experience a tingling and uncomfortable feel. So, if your skin is sensitive and hence prone to acne, do not use it.

4. Using aloe Vera


Thanks to its anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, Aloe Vera provides the best way prevent pimple blemishes from forming on your skin. Immediately you notice acne, apply aloe Vera gel, and the pimple will disappear early. The gel is, nonetheless, equally effective when used to treat acne scars since it contains enzymes, polysaccharides, and nutrients; it is a natural pimple mark corrector. Using it entails;

• Getting a fresh aloe Vera leaf (a succulent one is most appropriate)

• Squeezing it to obtain aloe Vera gel

• Gently massaging the acne spots with the gel using the fingertips

• Do so twice a day for a couple of weeks to remove pimple marks naturally.

This treatment will help you deal with other skin problems that include age spots, blemish, and dark spots from insect bites among much more. Aloe Vera mask can even give your more notable results.


Now that you know how to remove pimple marks naturally using remedies  that are readily available, the next important thing is to know what you can do to help your skin heal faster Drink plenty water and fluids. Also, eat as many fresh fruits as you can. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that aid your body during the healing process. Once the scar completely heals, and your skin is spotless, take steps to prevent the occurrence of pimple marks by treating pimples early enough.


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