Beauty Tips – Removing Blackheads on chin

Beauty Tips – Removing Blackheads on chin


Blackheads are a common form of acne. Acne occurs when the over production of oil (sebum), from the sebaceous glands, clogs the follicle, which leads to the growth of bacteria. This bacteria will multiply, causing redness and inflammation in the form of blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads should not be squeezed. This can lead to scarring, and also the introduction of bacteria from the hands, leading to more problems.


It is a common myth that blackheads are black because of trapped dirt. A blackhead is considered an open comedone, the dark head on blackheads on chin is the result of the material that has been pushed up to the surface of the skin and it’s exposure to air causes it to oxidize and give it the dark color – similar to the way an apple discolors once it’s cut.


More than half of the world’s population has reported to be suffering from black heads. Black heads are specially a major cause for concern in young women, who try their best to look as good as they can. However black heads are not really a vary serious condition but they are an indication of bad skin care. There are various methods that can be used to remove black heads effectively, a proper routine can also help keep them away.
Those unsightly black spots often found on noses and chins are called “blackheads“. They’re formed from the same oils that cause pimples, and when the oils are built up in the pores, where it is exposed to the air, the oil turns into a black blemish rather than the pink bumps characteristic of under-the-skin pimples.


How to Remove blackheads on chin

blackheads on chin are not a serious skin problem but if left unattended they tend to get out of hand. So the first sight that you see of blackheads you should get right to work getting rid of them.

Many people try squeezing the skin around blackheads, just like they might try with pimples, but this is never a good way to get rid of blemishes regardless of whether they’re black or pink! It has little results and can actually cause the oils to spread to other areas of your face.


Removing blackheads on chin is best done by prevention. Because they are caused by the over production of oils and the trapping of dead skin cells on your face, having a cleansing routine that effectively limits the amount of oil production is your best option for preventing new blackheads from appearing- and in time, the existing ones will also be removed from routine cleaning.


Cleaning doesn’t mean you have to dry your face out completely. Choose a gentle cleanser that allows a deep clean without excessive drying (which, although it might seem like drying out the face is good for the prevention of oil, it actually causes your glands to produce even more oil to compensate for the drying effects of certain cleansers). Before cleaning, use a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, wash, and you’ll find in a few weeks of maintaining a twice daily cleaning regime, you’ll have noticeably less blackheads and glowing skin (from slothing off dead skin cells rather than leaving them!)


Stubborn Blackheads


In some cases, blackheads are determined to stay in your chin! Do not resort to squeezing as you are likely to just push them down deeper into the skin and result in a big, flaming red pimple! Instead, fill a pot with water and let it steam. Remove from heat. With a towel draped over your head, lower your head over the pot so that the steam reaches your face (but not so close that it will burn) and stay that way for a few minutes. The steam will open your pores.
Next, you can use a blackhead remover (purchased from any department store in the cosmetic department) to gently lift the blackheads from your skin, or dab with a tissue to remove blockages. The idea is not to use anything harsh on your skin, if your black heads don’t disappear the first or second time you use your techniques don’t become impatient they will eventually disappear. Stay away from over the counter artificial products that can cause skin problems.


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