All You Need To know About Cystic Acne On Neck

All You Need To know About Cystic Acne On Neck


If you have ever experienced a throbbing sensation along the jawline and probably felt a tiny bump under your skin, it is most likely that you are experiencing what is known as cystic acne. This is a type of infection that forms just below your skin tissue and may be difficult to treat with over-the -counter medicines. Professional treatment methods for cystic acne are quite expensive and in most cases my result in serious side effects such as “sunken skin”.

The stress that comes with trying to treat cystic acne on neck may result in individuals losing hope. However, cystic acne should not be a cause for alarm as there are several practical ways to take good care of your skin as well as natural remedies to treat this infection.


Understanding cystic acne


So, exactly what is cystic acne? This is a blemish or scar that forms deeply under the surface of the skin and is normally very painful. Cystic acne unlike other forms of acne such as pimples doesn’t come to a head.

According to dermatologists, cystic acne may be experienced by most women during their menstrual cycles as a result of hormonal imbalance and may appear on the chin, jawline and the neck.


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Cystic acne is caused by hormonal changes during adolescence as well as those related to pregnancy, menstrual cycle and use of birth control methods. This infection may also be caused by sweating as well as high levels of humidity.


How to deal with cystic acne on neck


As much as cystic acne is sore, it is not a good idea to pick at it or �pop’ it the way you would do pimples on the skin. This will not help at all, in any case it may cause a possible infection. It is recommended that you give up this bad habit as you will be working against the skin’s ability to repair and heal which only makes matters worse. When you decide to pick at a cystic acne, you will only be left with an oozing bleeding scab while the bump is still embedded under your skin.

It is wise to visit a dermatologist ASAP who will advise you on the best treatment options. In the meantime, you can use an ice pack or take an Advil to reduce the pain and irritation. The longer it takes to treat cystic acne, the more it develops hence increasing the chances of scarring your skin.


Duration of cystic acne on neck scars


The bad news is that cystic acne scars can stay on your skin for weeks and in most cases even months. This is due to inflammation within the dermis that may lead to production of pigment cells by the skin.

The number one rule is to never pick at a cystic acne however unavoidable it may be. Dark skin complexions take longer to heal due to a lot of melanin that is found in dark skin tones. Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis protects your skin complexion against harmful Ultraviolet rays that may further darken the scars.


Effects of diet on cystic acne


It is a good idea to avoid eating a lot of ice cream and cheese as these are the major culprits behind cystic acne breakouts. The skin serves as an excretory system that gets rid of unwanted things from your body. Dairy products are naturally hard to digest thus when you consume too much of these, they are extracted out in the form of a cystic blemish on the lower part of the face or neck.

If you want to determine whether what you eat is directly linked to your cystic acne on neck or any other part of your body, then try cutting dairy products from your diet for at least two weeks and observe the changes.

This does not mean avoiding dairy products completely as you can gradually introduce them back into your diet as you monitor the body’s tolerance level.


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How to avoid getting cystic acne


To successfully avoid cystic acne, observing a healthy skin care routine is important. Avoid applying heavy moisturizers to a dirty skin as these can trap dirt and oils in the pores, thus it is necessary to be sure that your skin is thoroughly cleaned and exfoliated before you can apply any moisturizer.

Your skin should also be kept hydrated especially in winter as well as apply regular sunscreen in the summer months to avoid sun burns or any kind of damage that may be caused by harmful UV rays. Home skincare products and gentle exfoliants such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, scrubs and enzymes should be used to promote the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

Make use of skin-brightening creams that contain Vitamin C as opposed to those that contain hydroquinone, which are likely to cause permanent discoloration to your skin. Cortisone shots may also work although dermatologists point out that they require a lot of time commitment and in some cases may lead to skin indents that may take a long time to fill back in naturally.


How to naturally treat cystic acne on neck


Cystic acne also known as nodulocystic acne is common during puberty but may continue into adulthood as a result of hormonal imbalance. Medical treatment for this infection such as Accutane may work, but it could cause severe side effects such as Crohn’s disease, birth defects and may lead to death in extreme cases.

Home remedies are strongly recommended for the treatment of cystic acne as they have good results and less side effects. One of the most common home remedy is use of ice. An ice cube can be applied directly to the cystic blemish on the neck as this will help constrict blood vessels around the painful cyst. This causes the acne to immediately decrease in size and also reduces the redness.

As mentioned, it is important to maintain a simple and healthy skin care routine that ensures you have a well exfoliated and clean skin. Use unscented and oil-free moisturizers as well as effective exfoliants. Use homemade laundry products and avoid strong bleaches and detergents when washing your towels and pillowcases as this reduces irritation and sensitivity when they come into contact with your skin.

Avoid the obsession over your acne by always staring at the mirror as the more you do this, the more you will be tempted to pick at it which will eventually make you feel and look worse.

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