All you need to know about acne scars and treatments !

All you need to know about acne scars and treatments !




Especially during the teenage, due to hormonal changes in the body, excess oils are secreted through the skin pores. If these pores are not cleared regularly, it results in the formation of acne scars. Even dead skin cells and bacteria accumulated on skin pores can result in acne formation.


If not treated on time, this scars have the tendency to spread all over, resulting in a bad appearance. It could actually prove to be a major setback in your life, by letting your self-confidence go down, thus affecting your performance. Not all acne scars are the same.
There exist various kinds of acnescars depending whether they are caused by the excess or by the loss of tissues. Lets have a look at various kinds of acne scars and the most appropriate treatment suitable for them. 



This kind of scars are really deep and narrow, extending right into the dermis. It seems as if the skin has been pierced by some sharp instrument. Ice pick scars result in the formation of a small, deep hole in the skin. They form a large open pore which can easily pick some infection or can be affected by some bacteria.
The main cause of this ice pick scars developing on the skin is the infection with a cyst. It begins when sebum is formed on the skin getting mixed with the cells of the skin. A plug like thing will be formed in the hair follicles that can block the pores. This causes accumulation of dead cells along with sebum in the pores.
The consequences of skin getting affected by cyst results in destruction of that entire skin tissue and forms a deep scare over that affected region. As the bacteria multiplies in that region, pus is formed and the region gets inflammated. Accumulation of pus will create pressure on the inflammated area which cause increase in depth of the affected region. 
We all are aware of the fact that collagen is one of the most important and naturally produced protein in the body. It helps to keep your skin strong and youthful. It is found in the inner layer of the skin providing elasticity to the skin. It also keeps the skin glowing and hydrated preventing wrinkles and replacing dead skin cells.
As we hit mid 20s and early 30s we start losing this protein consistently and skin begins showing signs of wrinkles and decrease in smoothness. Even nowadays factors like pollution and long exposure to sun can cause decrease in the levels of collagen found in the body. 
The excessive formation of pus will damage the skin since it will not allow the formation of collagen as needed by the skin. The loss of collagen will further result in the inflammated area to go deeper into the skin. 
Skin needling treatment can minimize the appearance of your scars and help reforming your skin with improved collagen proteins along with the elastin fibers. Very fine needles are used to operate over the affected region and fill it with new collagen.
This will lead to birth of new skin cells which will be even more hydrated with an improved tone and texture. This kind of treatment doesn’t require a long recovery time. You can simply improve your entire appearance within 15-20 min and that too at a very low cost.
It is one of the most inexpensive, effective and time consuming methods to deal with this ice pick scars. Whether thin or sensitive, it can be used for a safe and efficient treatment of any skin type.
It provides extremely perfect results with every minute scar eliminated efficiently. It is also a very safe and effective methods of treating ice pick scars. In this treatment, a beam is separated into number of treatments occuring at microscopic level as well as  zones that target both the layers of the skin.
After the treatment is done, the skin is washed and a soothing cream is applied over the skin and allowed to settle for about an hour. The procedure after this to remove the ice pick scars is quite painful and is carried out for about an hour. To help bear the pain a cooling device is used.
 The skin will remain pink and even swelling may occur for next few days. Its a long procedure since 4-5 treatments are generally needed which are scheduled keeping a gap of one month. It is essential to apply a quality sun screen for some weeks to protect the skin after any of these above mentioned treatments.



The boxcar scars are wide and depressed unlike ice pick scars that were pin point. They form due to the infection of acne that occur in the follicles of the hair. The depth of the infection determines how deep the scar is. The infection spreads through the tissues and depending upon it the width of the scar is determined.
These scars spread over a larger area as compared to these kind of scars and doesn’t look more pleasing as far as the appearance is concerned. Once the region gets infected it is difficult to terminate it from spreading further as it keeps targeting fresh skin cells and blocks the collagen formation. Lets have a look at some appropriate treatment for the boxcar scars.


Using nonablative laser treatments have now become one of the popular methods of treating boxcar scars since it doesn’t have any side effects and there is no need to take care of the operated region after the treatment is done. These nonablative lasers target the dermis thus stimulating it to produce new collagen in the affected region.
The increased collagen secretion will result in generation of new cells replacing the old dead cells. This treatment offers significant advantages to the patients in terms of its minimal recovery period and long lasting results. Even after the post treatment the collagen reformation will continue providing a clear and bright skin. Even skin needling treatment can be a nice alternative to eliminate boxcar scars.



This scars are generally identified through their soft and smooth edges. They are so shallow that even if you stretch the skin, they will be hardly visible. They form in those parts of the skin that had been affected for a long period of time by inflammatory acne. As you get older the collagen levels in the skin decreases naturally thus increasing the chances of getting affected. 
This rolling scars can be treated using a dermal filler known as bellafill which is first approved by the FDA, designed to clear rolling scars minutely. It comprises of about 80% of collagen which provide rapid improvement in the scars. The increased collagen levels helps replacing old dead cells with new ones and giving skin back its natural strength and glow.
It also helps your body make more protein to allow skin heal itself and fill the scars from inside out. It is different from other fillers since it contains PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) which cannot be absorbed into the body, thus offering a permanent result. Patients above 21 can use it to receive the treatment against rolling scars.
It is one of the safest methods of treatment since it doesn’t lead to any side effects and patients of any skin quality, whether thin or sensitive can apply it. You may experience some redness or swelling after the treatment but that should go away within few days. 


Keloid scars can arise soon after an injury or develop in that region months later. It can be itchy or uncomfortable, and may be a bit larger than the original wound. It can usually form in any portion of the body, however the upper part of the chest are at a higher risk of getting affected by them. 
This kind of scars are hard to control once formed over the skin. They are irregularly shaped and always look to enlarge. It is usually like a tough heaped up scare that rises quite abruptly above the rest of the skin. Alterations in the cellular signals can be the reason of keloid scar formation, however the perfect reason behind it is yet not known to the doctors.
Individuals with dark pigmented skin are much more likely to get affected by keloids and are common in both men and women. Even though dark people are more at a risk of getting affected by it, people of all skin types can form keloid scars. Many people develop keloid scars after small injuries or burns as well as insect bites and acne spots too. 


The decision about which treatment will be most suitable for removal of keloid scars depends upon the symptoms associated with its development, and also on which part of the body it is formed. Cortisone injections are one of the safe and less painful methods of treating them. They are usually given once in a month.
They help decreasing the volume of the keloid scars and flatten the heap formed over the skin. The keloid affected region will certainly look better after the treatment but even the best of treatments will leave a mark in that operated region, which will make it look a bit different than the rest of the portion over the skin. The surgery is somewhat risky to be honest, since it could trigger the formation of similar or even larger keloid scars.
Some surgeons have achieved success in doing so by applying pressure to the wound site for months after cutting away the keloid. Use of lasers can be a better and less painful method of eliminating the keloid scars. It is a safe option however several treatment sessions may be needed. 
The use of silicon gel or sheetings involves wearing a sheet of silicone gel on the affected region for a long period of time. You may have to wear it for months and the results can be variable. Cryotherapy involves freezing keloids with liquid nitrogen. They successfully flatten the keloid scars however form dark or light spots in the operated region. 

Interferon :

These are the proteins which are naturally produced by the body’s immune system. Recent studies have shown that injections of interferon can help reduce the size of the keloid scars, however it is not yet confirmed about how long the effect of this protein injections will last. A variant of this method is under research which stimulates the body to produce interferon.
Even radiations are used by some of the doctors reporting it as a safe and effective method of treating keloids. Injections of Fluorouracil and bleomycin alone or together along with the steroids have also been used for treatment of keloid scars. 
Many methods of eliminating keloid scars are in practice however none of these methods give you assurance of 100% positive results. It depends on how professional your doctor is and also how densely the keloid scars have affected your skin. The most appropriate way to deal with a keloid is not to allow forming one over your skin.
The person who had a keloid scar should not carry out any kind of cosmetic skin surgeries or procedures such as piercing. Prevention is always better in case of keloid scars since no such full proof treatment is available for it. The patient needs to understand the fact that the keloid scar will never completely disappear, however it can always be reduced to some extent. 



Before you decide to have any scar treatment first of all, be free of any active acne. Remember that this condition of scarring is permanent. It cannot be completely eliminated however its presence can be brought down to some extent. Make sure you are under proper guidance and a professional doctor.
Another treatment of scarring is accepting yourself the way you are. Nobody is perfect and many people suffering with this are still living a happy life. Very often it is observed that acne scarring is considered as more important by the patient than by other people.  Having self-belief instead of comparing yourself to others can help you a long way in future.

All you need to know about acne scars and treatments !

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